About Our Car Bodies

Moonlight Drive Classics offers new high quality all steel body shells using 1006 universal automotive grade steel that contains fewer additives than the steel found on the original body shells. Here are some highlights of our classic muscle car bodies:

Reproductions that are superior to the originals!

We deliver to you an officially licensed replacement body shell manufactured by Dynacorn International. This all new steel body shell is complete from the firewall to the tail lamp panel, the frame rails to the windshield frame. These classic reproduction body shells have been re-created using better materials, improved accurate tolerances, and modern welding techniques.

  • Increased steel thickness: 

    We use much stronger and better steel alloy than the originals.  This increases the stability, body stiffness, durability, and overall appearance.  On average we use steel that is about 20% thicker than the original.  The steel used today also has fewer additives that help make the body easier to work with in the shop.

  • Tighter fits and tolerances:  

    When these cars were originally built it was common to see gaps that varied throughout the car. Today with modern welding equipment and techniques the car’s body panels fit together more accurately than the originals.

  • Better welding:

    Today we use increased CO2 during the welding process.  We also use significantly more spot welds than the original manufacturer. All of this helps tighten the tolerances and helps reduce road noise.  It also leads to a stiffer unified body that improves performance and overall appearance.

  • Completely assembled:

    Your new factory licensed all steel reproduction body shell comes to you completely assembled. The doors and deck lid are pre-hinged and adjusted for the best possible fit.  You may find some fitting and working adjustments will be needed as you finesse the body to the running gear. All bodies are EDP coated to prevent any rust from occurring.

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